1: Carel van Heerden - What Gose around, comes around

2: Clint Breen - CB Ghost

3: Everhard Cronje - Bad Boris

4: Mickey Theunissen - Afrikaanse Bleeksiel

5: Jaco Hamilton-Attwell - Lamplight, the three winged elephant

6: Alan McLachlan - Going Down Blackpool

7: Wynand Breytenbach - Red Mosaic

8: Rudie Buys - Red Velvet Cake Ale

9: Anthony Smith - Red velvet

10: Paul Serfontein - High Octane

Finalists: (Alphabetical Order)

Dennis Bouwers (Black Velvet)
Wynand Breytenbach (Pissy Pils)
Matt Burke (Bantering bartender) 
David Gibson (BlackAdder)
Brandon Gosch (Abyss) 
Cameron Gray (Vanilla Mocha Milk Stout)
Jaco Hamilton-Attwell (Gon'n'b'yum)
Ettienne Joubert (Insane Hops NEIPA)
Robin Marsden (Old Bastard)
Carel van Heerden (Lagrange Point Brett Saison)
Victor Webb (Shamrock Red Ale)


  1. Nick Reed from Hogworts Brewery - It Was a Dark Knight (Imperial Chocolate Sweet Stout)

  2. Wouter Cronje from Cronicle Homebrew - Cronicle Juicy NEIPA

  3. Ngula Kalili from Epic Brewery - What the Helles


The top 20 brewers, in no particular order:

  • Bruce Williamson from Chopper One Brewing

  • Clint Breen from CB Brewery

  • Errol Cason from Kovsie Brewing

  • Grant Punk Richardson from Panda Brewery

  • Jasiu Lewtak from Franulo Brewery

  • Nelus Ludik from None

  • Ngula Kalili from Epic Brewery

  • Nick Grenfell from GrenfellBrew

  • Paul Serfontein from High Street Bru

  • Robin Marsden from Marsden Umqombothi Brewery

  • Rory Blake Taylor from Carlington Cradle Brewery

  • Scott Bevan And Brad Vincent from Chaos Brewing

  • Anthony Smith from Antz Breworkz

  • Daniel Shields from Shields Home Brewery

  • Everhard Cronje from EverBrew

  • Harm Vorster from 28 Degrees South

  • Nick Reed from Hogworts

  • Stephen Walker from Walkers Beer

  • William Yell from Lothians

  • Wouter Cronje from Cronicle Homebrew


1.            Wouter Cronje - Chronicle Rye IPA

2.            JP Lewtak - French Oak Aged Quadrupel

3.            Grant Richardson - London Bomber RIS

4.            Quintin Haywood - Beerdilocks Belgian Golden Strong

5.            Anthonie Botha - Midnight Strong Sweet Stout

6.            Dirk Els Zur Lust - Northern English Brown Ale

7.            Pieter van Zyl - Oaky Buzz Oak and honey aged British Strong Ale

8.            Nick Reed - Amber Lager

9.            Danie Burger - Mafuta Lapa Skedonk Imperial Stout

10.          Chris Pryor - Weiss Versa Hefeweizen

11.          Grant Richardson - Who Shot JR? Oak aged rauchbier

12.          Chris Pryor - Dark Knight Wee Heavy

13.          Anthony Smith - Friday 13th Robust Porter

14.          Johnny Cockburn - Little Johnny Stout

15.          Alan McLachlan - Eh Uh? Pilsner

16.          Tbone Troye - Barrel Aged RIS

17.          Nick Grenfell - Blinde Sjambok Black IPA

18.          Rueben Roberts - Mummy Brown Oud Bruin

19.          Sias Willemse - Cock River Coaster Porter

20.          Nick Grenfell - Brexit English Best Bitter


1st Place - SP de Waal - Oak-aged Doppeleisbock

2nd Place - JP Lewtak - Rum-Oak-Cask Aged Imperial Stout

3rd Place - Russell Naude - Black Heart IPA           Fishbone Beerworks


Special Mention:

Brendan Hart - Barrel-aged Wild/Sour Saison

Robin Marsden - Mexican Logger International Pale Lager

Robin Marsden - Sleeping with the horses Oud Bruin

Lodewyk Jansen - Goed Genoeg Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Michael Macmillan - Lucky Weiss

Japie Bronkhorst - Shades of Red Irish Red Ale

JP Lewtak - Oak Aged Barleywine



The BOS (Best of Show – no specific order):

SP de Waal

JP Lewtak

Russell Naude

Brendan Hart

Robin Marsden

Lodewyk Jansen

Michael Macmillan

Japie Bronkhorst

JP Lewtak

Grant Richardson

Liam McElhinney

Troye May

Matthew Hurst


Warren Aken

Paul de Beer

Aidan Roberts

Stewart Nolan

Paddy Bauwens

Brett Irvine & David Talbot

Paddy Bauwens

Grant Richardson

Antony Wilson

Deon van Aardt

Stephen Walker

Antony Wilson

Paul Backes


1st place – Lee Carpenter – Doppelbock

2nd place – Jaco Hamilton-Attwell – RIS

3rd place – Llew Janse van Rensurg – Vienna Lager


Honourable mentions (top 10 – no specific order) also went to:


Jasiu Ignacy – Russian Imperial Stout

Brian Willis – Don’t Knock Me Dunkel

Llew Janse van Rensburg – Oktoberfest

Brendan Hart - Majira Saison

Matthew Hurst – Midnight King Sweet Stout

Liam McElhinney – MAC Saison

Danie Odendaal – Bearded Druid (Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer)


The BOS (Best of Show – no specific order):


Russell & Andy Naude – Shipwreck IPA

Peter Lawrence – Romeos Revenge Oatmeal Stout

Robert Ambler-Smith – Snarling Wolf Imperial IPA

Phillip van den Berg – American IPA

Roger Ingarfield – ‘Balance’ American IPA

Markus Korhonen Rottweiler – American Stout

Ori Cohen Esquire Amber – Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Lee Carpenter – Winter warmer - Christmas/Winter Specialty

Johnny Cockburn – Pretoria Porter

Paulo Pinheiro – Yummy APA

Alan Mclachlan – Dead Cat Extra Stout

Paddy Bauwens – Who Killed Kenny? – Irish Red Ale

Robin Marsden – Banana ChocNutcastle - Speciality Beer

Megan Gemmell – Brown Porter

Steve Price – N’cha oatmeal Stout

Schalk Willem Pienaar – Baptista Amber Ale

Nick Dempers – Marzen Madness

Dan Smith – Cali Comm Bomb

Alastair Gilispie & Greg Casey - Oatmeal Stout

Jaco Hamilton-Attwell – Blond Monk

Schalk Willem Pienaar – Nördlinger Reis - Bohemian Pilsener

Mary-Lou Nash – Black Pearl APA

Robert Cass – Salz der Erde Altbier

Justin Elliott – Bad Bad Lehroy Brown Ale

Dion van Huyssteen – Maibock

Michael Simpson – Citra IPA

Eben van der Merwe – Last Minute Blonde Ale

William Boshoff – Resurrected Unicorn American IPA

Michael Simpson – Southern Witbier

Mary-Lou Nash – Black Pearl Porter

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